Monica will be making her Network Tv debut this fall in Tyler Perry's new series 'Sistas'


Monica will play the lead in upcoming #metoo thriller called "Guys at Parties Like it"

“Pay particular attention to the magnificently unpredictable bursts of humanity that manage to pop through, such as the divinely eccentric readings of Monica Garcia Bradley.”

-River Cities Reader (Chicago, Lillian Russell Showboat Theatre) 


Monica booked a spot on The Resident (FOX)

"Monica Garcia Bradley was at Millbrook last year, but this year the role of Ilona gives her a chance to show what all she can do. She is vivacious, sexy, and can sing. It is hard to ask for more.”

-P.O.V. (She Loves Me, Millbrook Playhouse)


Monica booked a co star role on MacGyver (CBS)

“Another gem in the cast is Monica Garcia Bradley, a Jenny Slate look-a-like playing the mistress, who’s "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" is so pretty-sounding, the character and song is worth keeping. Take note cause she is going places! Hell, see her now before you have to pay $150 to do so.”

-Never Right Never Wrong Theatre (Evita, Gallery Players)